• 25 years in the publishing business.
  • Leader travel publisher in Argentina & Latin America.
  • 130 current titles: travel books and map guides
  • 20 titles of US  travel destinations
  • Best selling title: New York Complete Guide with more than 100,000 copies sold.
  • Wide distribution in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, and Ecuador through bookstores, duty free shops, and online sales.


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About us

This publishing business was born in a spring night in 1993, at Bachín restaurant in Buenos Aires when my father, Horacio de Dios, my wife, Carla D’Elia and myself were enjoying some “fettuccini tuco y pesto” while organizing a trip to Miami. Wewould write down in the paper tablecloth every spot we could not miss. Dinner went on until 3 AM and, on the cab home, with the paper tablecloth under my arm, we said “why not make a travel guide”. That’s when the idea was born. We traveled and, four months later, the first edition of Miami: Complete Guide was being published, which sold more than 20.000 copies in less than a year.

We had absolutely no experience in book publishing. Both my father and I were journalists and our only initial capital was the fascination for traveling, our curious look and knowing how to tell our experiences and the stories we saw. Maybe that’s why, ever since that first guide, we differ from other publications for recounting each city step by step, combining hotels, restaurants, anecdotes, shops, pubs, tips… just as in life itself.

We traveled a lot, learned a little, made some mistakes, and the publishing business went from that first shy book in December 1993, to a catalogue of more than 100 titles, which makes us the leading tourism publisher in our country. Our books and maps, some of them also in English and Portuguese, are distributed in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, Canada, USA and United Kingdom amongst others. We sum up guides from New York, Chicago, Orlando, Egipt, the Caribbean, Madrid, Paris, Argentina, Patagonia, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, illustrated books and, recently, a Map Guide collection for readers traveling to a destination for a few days. Moreover, these last couple of years we have made special publications for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, United Airlines, Visa, Mastecard, the Egiptian Tourism Department and the Czech Republic Tourism Department, amongst other companies and agencies.

We never stopped being a family publishing company, even when, early in the millennium, our daughter Julia was born, we started making books dedicated to enjoy Buenos Aires with children based on our family walks through the city. For more than 10 years, Julia has been traveling with us, and it’s amazing being able to share the view of three different generations.

Since that Miami Complete Guide, our guides have modernized their designs, many pages, full color maps, infographs and hundreds of pictures have been added; but we know our strength is telling our experiences in the most personal way possible, focusing on those spots that caught our attention, characters not to be left unknown, flavors that will remain in memory, shops that must be visited, attractions for families to share, places immortalized by that movie we saw… everything you would tell a friend who is about to travel.

Almost 20 years after beginning this publishing adventure, every time we start a new guide or map, the challenge remains the same: keeping the accomplice spirit of that Bachín tablecloth which, between tuco and pesto stains, had every key to make a traveler enjoy twice as much, spending half as much.